Launch me

That’s our credo at Frontier Live, which uses energizing speakers, engaging stories, and enduring lessons to take audiences on a journey, shifting perspectives to get them thinking about how to transform ideas into action. 

Our speakers use their expertise as consultants to influence the way audiences think about their work. In the last two years, we’ve delivered more than 80 keynotes to audiences across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We’ve spoken for South by Southwest, the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, a number of banking and CPA associations, the Society of Human Resource Management, the Frankfurt Book Fair, and our consultants have moderated summits on behalf of Supreme Court justices and Central Bank presidents.


Matt Johnson

Storytelling. Purpose.

Aaron Anderson

Communication. Decision Dynamics. Personal Presence.

Aaron Montgomery

The Start-Up Paradox. Innovation. Culture. Entrepreneurship.

Jason Allen Ashlock

Storytelling. Customer Experience. Narrative Diversity.

Kelly Lewis

Personal Development.
Women's Leadership.

Noah Scalin

Inspiration. Creativity.

Francesco Marconi

Strategy. Innovation. Purpose. 
Media. Storytelling.


Passion. Competition.

Kendall Morris

Digital Marketing.
Media. Diversity.

Matt Newman

Improv. Change Management. Presence.

Zoe Romano

Motivation. Vulnerability. Determination.

Ryan Mauter

Inspiration. Risk and Resilience. Personal Discovery.

Chris Barras

Growth. Change.