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You need to understand the fundamentals of effective communication and influencing decision-making--critical skills when managing your team or business. 

Dr. Aaron Anderson, a former US Army explosive ordnance specialist, current Professor of Theater and Medicine, and certified fight director, teaches the fundamentals of first impressions and closing deals.

Whether you need to use resources outside your comfort zone, embrace new creative outlets, or draw on others’ experiences, Aaron can lead you there. Develop confidence in your communication style and presence, increasing your chances of a successful outcome. Learn new tactics for efficiently executing deliverables in a complex, bureaucratic environment and discover how to strategically collaborate among departments and teams. 

Drawing on research in the field of proxemics, Aaron shares insights on aspects of communication such as speech tone, physical environment, emotional decision making and biases, leaving you equipped to present or lead in any environment.



— Keynote —


Many of us continue to process decisions without having an updated approach to account for the availability of corporate intelligence, speed of information, the priming role of social media, changing values in corporate environments and the role faith, nationality and global politics can play in the emotional elements of the dynamics of decision-making.

Harness an understanding of the neuroscience and behavioral economics as it relates to making decisions, learn techniques in framing, priming, and intelligence gathering deployed by effective decision makers, gain awareness to mental blindspots, and upgrade skills in empathy and seeing alternate perspectives.



— Keynote —


Communicating a new idea? Leading a diverse team? Negotiating a deal? Meeting new people?

Quickly building rapport with anyone anywhere anytime is critical to your success. Dr. Anderson shows you how.

Holding people’s attention is easy if you are rich, famous, and good-looking, but most of
us need skills that run deeper. Presence—that magical mix of gravitas, charisma, and
confidence—can be learned. How much of it do you have and, more importantly, do you
know exactly how to develop it?

From entering a room to negotiating vendor agreements and closing a deal, personal
presence plays a strong role in determining success in every business environment. The smallest things can make the biggest difference. Do you know which tools to employ at each key moment? Do you know what to do to hold your team’s respect both when times are good and when times are hard?

Dr. Anderson has helped hundreds of politicians, CEOs, doctors, and lawyers develop
the interpersonal skills to connect with anyone anywhere. Learn the techniques to immediately build rapport and increase your presence: where to sit and why, when to talk, how to have lasting impact, why difficult conversations are key, and what second touch can do.

Want more? We’ll add swords—real steel, three-foot swords to demonstrate the
importance of communication even outside your comfort zone. This variation
provides a unique team-building experience, challenging participants while having
fun and embracing new creative outlets.