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Dr. Aaron D. Anderson instills the confidence and skills that allow you to express yourself with clarity, authenticity, and impact even in the most stressful situations. Or, as one congressional candidate put it: "He teaches you how to be confidently human even when all you want to do is scream and run away."

Aaron’s hard-won experience began as an Army Explosive Ordinance Specialist struggling to get out of a wheelchair after a year in a military hospital. Fast-forward to the present where Aaron is now probably the only person in the world to simultaneously hold university positions in art, business, and medicine, while also traveling the world as an internationally-acclaimed fight director.

Often rated the #1 speaker at conferences and executive sessions, Aaron does more than inspire. His humor, warmth, and passion create an instant connection with leaders, managers, and technical staff alike. Although often called on to work with the most skeptical audiences (such as CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and scientists), Aaron’s unique blend of survival, boot-strap success, and broad-based real-world experience has helped thousands of people at every level connect with others when it matters most. Whether he is helping terrified speakers overcome stage fright, teaching doctors to deliver bad news, coaching actors to portray extreme emotions, or guiding diverse teams to common ground during contentious organizational transitions, Aaron’s inspiration, humor and expertise deliver the results you want. Hailed as "riveting," "hilarious," "authentic," and "deeply moving," Aaron combines key skills from healthcare, theatre, and the corporate world to instill the essential tools you need to be comfortably effective even in the most uncomfortable situations.

Aaron holds an Interdisciplinary PhD in Culture from Northwestern University and a Certificate in Change Leadership from Cornell University and is one of the only non- physicians to have ever received an award for Innovation in Medical Education. His unique background has helped him found three successful companies; and for the past 15 years, he has coached leaders on five continents, from congressional candidates and government officials to doctors, Fortune 500 CEOs and healthcare administrators.

Feature stories and interviews about his work have appeared in over 200 media outlets including The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Atlanta Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, National Public Radio, US News and World Report, and many others. His latest book, Real-World Public Speaking: The Theatre-Based Guide to Giving Great Presentations, is currently used as the textbook for public speaking courses around the country.



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Need a change but have responsibilities you can’t risk? Desperate to build something new that won’t break what you already have? Ordered to create a new team without new resources? Dr. Anderson helps you go further from where you are. Ever felt stuck at work? Do you feel pressure to innovate but worry it will harm your current mission? Do you foresee limited potential for advancement unless you find a new way forward? You need a proven formula to create something new without damaging what you already have. You’re not alone in feeling trapped. The world is changing more and more rapidly—and what got you here won’t necessarily get you there.

Dr. Anderson is an internationally recognized expert at creating new organizations within existing companies. Through collaborative interdisciplinary innovation—using seemingly unrelated resources to build something new—Dr. Anderson launched three successful companies while helping countless other businesses maximize their financial return and create new career paths for employees. Using humor, research, and real-world examples, Dr. Anderson guides you through the skills and processes that have helped thousands of professionals around the world reinvent themselves without starting over. Let him help you unlock the potential you didn’t know you already have.





Need to improve customer satisfaction? Avoid negative reviews? Increase word-of-mouth marketing? Understanding how to get the most out of every review is critical to your success. Dr. Anderson shows you how. Your business’ reputation is everything. Without it, everything else falls. Doctors learned what drives customer reviews because the moment the Affordable Care Act took effect, every hospital in the country began making—or losing—millions of dollars based on patient satisfaction scores. This created a revolution in the scientific understanding of customer experience. The same principles that increased ratings—and profits—at hospitals hold true for your business as well. Do you know what they are?

Dr. Anderson spent years travelling the country as a high-demand consultant helping hospitals increase their patient ratings. Professionals in every field now benefit from Dr. Anderson’s expertise in the factors that drive positive reviews: first and last impressions, empathy moments, body language and more. A customer’s impression of your company turns on a few key moments. From his unique perspective at the intersection of healthcare, business, and theatre, Dr. Anderson will help you identify and navigate those moments—in ways that won’t cost you anything.



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Communicating a new idea? Leading a diverse team? Negotiating a deal? Meeting new people?

Quickly building rapport with anyone anywhere anytime is critical to your success. Dr. Anderson shows you how.

Holding people’s attention is easy if you are rich, famous, and good-looking, but most of
us need skills that run deeper. Presence—that magical mix of gravitas, charisma, and
confidence—can be learned. How much of it do you have and, more importantly, do you
know exactly how to develop it?

From entering a room to negotiating vendor agreements and closing a deal, personal
presence plays a strong role in determining success in every business environment. The smallest things can make the biggest difference. Do you know which tools to employ at each key moment? Do you know what to do to hold your team’s respect both when times are good and when times are hard?

Dr. Anderson has helped hundreds of politicians, CEOs, doctors, and lawyers develop
the interpersonal skills to connect with anyone anywhere. Learn the techniques to immediately build rapport and increase your presence: where to sit and why, when to talk, how to have lasting impact, why difficult conversations are key, and what second touch can do.

Want more? We’ll add swords—real steel, three-foot swords to demonstrate the
importance of communication even outside your comfort zone. This variation
provides a unique team-building experience, challenging participants while having
fun and embracing new creative outlets.