Between the nutrition consulting and workplace wellbeing program design, the communications strategy and video shoots, the speaking engagements and meeting moderation, Becky specializes in finding the real “why” behind the actions of individuals and teams to inspire lasting behavior change. Her passion for healthy and engaged people, communities, and companies gets sharpened every time she witnesses the limitless determination of the human spirit and works with companies who value the engagement of their employees before product and profit. As a certified health coach, and an integrative nutritionist, Becky has an eye for a good story and the insatiable desire to breathe life into them all.



— Keynote —

Grit, Meet Grace: Lessons on Wellbeing at Work and in Life

You can’t take care of anything—a team of five or 50 employees, a project that will net your company $10,000 or $1 million—if you aren’t first taking care of yourself. Enter Becky. To her, wellbeing is about more than eating kale and perfecting the downward dog; it’s about learning how to care for our bodies and our minds so we can be innovative, successful thinkers, in both our personal and professional lives. 

Becky makes a case for viewing corporations as the entry point to creating a healthier world. Her take on this topic is refreshing—and exactly what’s needed to start making wellbeing programs stick and create positive gains for any organization. Explore the connection between your habits and values, and the role they play in our overall personal wellbeing and the success of corporate wellness in general. Discover the power that comes from starting small, and then thinking big. And in the process, uncover the invaluable link between self-care and leadership. This is more than a keynote; it’s an interactive, guided experience designed to get audiences rethinking their approach to wellness at home and in the workplace.