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Francesco Marconi is an award-winning strategist focused on growing the organizations — and the people — around him. He currently manages strategy and heads innovation for the Associated Press in New York City and serves as affiliate researcher at MIT Media Lab and Tow Fellow at Columbia University, where he explores how media organizations can adopt tomorrow's technologies to tell powerful stories today. His ideas on media, storytelling, and innovation have been read by hundreds of thousands from around the world and featured on Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, PBS Media Shift, Quartz, and MIT Media.

A passionate innovator and experienced media strategist, Marconi has advised several new media and technology companies. Francesco studied management and journalism at the University of Missouri and completed his postgraduate work at Harvard University and Columbia Business School.

In July 2017, Francesco published his first book "Live Like Fiction", which teaches readers how to leverage storytelling to find purpose and inspiration.



— Keynote —

Live Like Fiction:
find inspiration and purpose by writing your own life story.

How can you get your big breakout? What if the secret to success meant knowing how to tell your story — the kind that makes you memorable? Media strategist Francesco Marconi has spent the last five years studying why some personal stories spread more than others. Now he is sharing how you can apply those same principles to help you grow your career from scratch, no matter what industry you are in. Blunt, insightful, and practical, Francesco’s talk offers a playbook for the curious and inspired! It’s a blueprint of tested strategies to find inspiration and write your own story.



— Keynote —

Break the Media:
Become an expert in media, publishing and innovation.

The media ecosystem is in the midst of unprecedented change with the emergence of mobile-first consumption, connected devices, conversational interfaces and new forms of consuming content, such as virtual reality. Every organization (no matter their industry) is a publishing company, telling the stories of its products and services — and one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to deploying new media technology in your storytelling. Through an insights-packed presentation on navigating emerging technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality, conversational interfaces, connected devices, and artificial intelligence, Francesco empowers professionals of all backgrounds to conquer modern technology and the media landscape.