One workshop with Grant and you’ll have no trouble identifying his favorite thing: He loves a really good question. 

He’s spent plenty of time refining how to ask one. Years shaping customer experience for the globe’s most iconic technology company. Advanced studies in sociology and community studies. A constant podcast stream of the most excellent interview-based audio art. A learner by nature, with unlimited interests, Grant’s constantly in an interrogative mood. At the front of the room or at the table next to you, he’ll regularly deploy a perfectly-timed, perfectly-aimed probing query to drive you toward every question’s endgame: discovery.

Fueling that curiosity: Living a full life. Stuffed in his satchel you’ll likely find a concert stub to Jason Isbell, a dog collar for Lucy the German short-hair, an iPad full of books, and evidence of a journey in Virginia’s rugged hills. Want to know what's inspiring him now? Make him smile by stealing his trick: Ask him.



— Keynote —


Influence. Everybody wants more of it. But only a few know how to find it and grow it. Grant Millsaps wants you be among them.

If you want to increase buy-in from stakeholders, decrease friction when trying to move company initiatives forward, and elevate the pace at which the most important work gets done, you'll need to discover your personal influence style. And Grant will help you do it.

Rather than trying to mimic the influence tactics of others, Grant empowers audiences to uncover and activate the traits and characteristics they already possess. The result: transformed communications practices, dynamic collaboration, and the kind of courageous advocacy that remains true to one's values while staying alert to the attitudes and beliefs of others.

In this fresh, candid keynote, you'll be motivated to rethink the idea of influence, stretched to better understand how others are impacted by your message, and given the tools you need to hone your own authentic influence style.