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Compete every day. That’s Jake Thompson’s guiding philosophy, the mantra he repeats to himself when he needs to keep going. It’s also the name of his global lifestyle brand (of which he is founder and Chief Encouragement Officer) and the nugget of wisdom this native Texan wants to share with audiences around the world. Pulling from his days as a sports rep and strategic marketing consultant, Jake tells enlivened stories through his podcast, "Better Than Yesterday," and distills the art of competition into actionable tips people can use within their own lives: take control, don’t let fear guide you, be courageous, and press onward. (Every single day.) His focus is to motivate you and your team to make it happen, whatever it is. Because life, work, and passion? That’s always worth competing for.



— Keynote —

End on Empty: Because Life is Worth Competing For

Why is it that some people experience massive success—win after win after win—while so many others are still searching for this first breakthrough? How the Serenas, Steves, and Elons of the world can knock it out of the park time and time again as the rest of us are stuck still looking for the entrance into the stadium?

Competition and drive—that’s how. In this motivational keynote, Jake explores the necessity of competition in our everyday lives, sharing what it means to think like a competitor, act like a competitor, and be a competitor. Throughout the keynote, audiences are motivated to explore current mindsets and then challenged to apply the character traits of the world’s most successful competitors to their own lives and own journeys to success.




Creating a Community
Through Why

Some brands stand the test of time: Coca-Cola. Johnson & Johnson. Ford. Those companies, and companies like those, excel not because of what they do but because they know how to communicate why they do it. Because they know how to tell a story so powerful, customers can’t help but take notice.

In this keynote, Jake shows audiences how it’s done by taking them through his own humble experience of building a global lifestyle brand in one of the most crowded industries. He’ll share how a well-told story can elevate your company in a competitive landscape, and you’ll come away inspired and equipped with ideas to tell your company’s own powerful brand story.