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As leaders and teammates, salespeople and customers, creators of strategy and engineers of comebacks, we are first and foremost authors of stories. In all of our endeavors, across our pasts and presents and futures, we build meaning from the narratives we shape and share.

In fast-paced, inventive keynotes across a range of topics, Jason brings to life the powerful logic of storytelling for ourselves, our tribes, our companies, our partnerships, and our customers. Explore how customer service transformation in companies around the world is being driven by fresh understanding of a customers' narrative experience. Discover how sales teams across industries are fashioning reinvigorated strategies with storytelling at their core. Learn how leaders and change agents of all kinds are winning influence and increasing stakeholder buy-in through the precise use of narrative logic. And learn how to surface and broadcast stories of your own to connect, motivate and persuade.



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Want to elevate efficiency, increase buy-in from stakeholders, and decrease frustration upstream and down? Build a team of master storytellers.

Blockbuster films, timeless literature, memorable journalism, and the funniest jokes— they're all powered by the same fuel: masterful stories. That same narrative power is central to the most dynamic teams and the most innovative companies, all of whom have uncovered a single secret: all effective communication is simply good storytelling. 

Revealing we are all storytellers at heart, Jason helps to build the capacity to understand how stories work, how they're built, and why they stick. Transforming an organization's communications practices, graduating them from clumsy to focused, from random to intentional, from scattered to purposeful, Jason explores the power of narrative design. 

In this fast-paced, inventive keynote, you'll be handed tools used by the greatest storytellers of our time, and you'll build muscle as they have, learning how to aggregate, curate, and amplify your message. Putting those story-making tools to use, you'll elevate standard keynotes into contagious messages, transform conference room presentations into memorable experiences, and convert the most mundane email chains and team meetings into behavior-changing, performance-driving events. And you'll do it all on the back on a shared, fundamental human hunger for stories that move, motivate, and matter.



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Stories are how we make decisions, and how we justify them. They're how we persuade people, and how we define what matters. And they never live alone: Every story your company tells itself becomes a foundation for the next.

The narratives that survive in our company's culture are the myths upon which we build our future selves. Tales of epic business wins and tumultuous seasons. Of leaders kind and cruel. Of our birth, growth, difficulty, and dominance.

Research across two decades and dozens of companies has taught us that a company's story of diversity is central to its success: a company is only as strong as the variousness of its cast of characters. Assorted origins create disparate viewpoints, which in turn create a culture that sparks insights, foments innovation, and builds for future success. Want a smarter company? Build a diverse ensemble. Want a stronger company? Create an eclectic employee base. Only insight from lots of angles will enable you to see around corners. 

In this 90-minute session, you'll learn the fundamentals of good storytelling and understand the structure that underpins narratives that stick. And you'll put those story-making tools to use in discovering and mapping your company's story of diversity. Whatever story your organization tells about itself, chances are its bigger, better, and braver than you thought. Now's your chance to find the hidden stories that will bring your company to life.



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Purchasing is pure power

Acquire an item, an object, or an experience, and you are granted an unparalleled feeling of control, a sweet taste of personal agency. An active consumer possesses both the right to decide and the resources to buy, and at the moment of investment, she or he exercises both--reinforcing a sense of self and place within a larger ecosystem. I buy therefore I am. 

But your customer's journey to that powerful purchasing moment began long before your customer saw your logo or heard your pitch. And their journey continues long after the transaction's complete and the value's delivered. Brands and organizations that devote themselves to mapping the broad, undulating arc of a customer's story--from distant origin to future trajectory, and the moments of despair and delight along the way--are poised to deliver what every human with a dollar in their pocket really hopes to get with it: a chance to be the hero in the story of their life. 

Building upon more than a decade of research into the art and science of storytelling, Jason shows audiences around the world how narrative intelligence can transform consumer engagement, customer service and market leadership. In this motivational and entertaining keynote, he deploys his original story-building tools to reveal the way narratives shape our everyday experiences, to uncover the common stories customers tell themselves, and demonstrate the surprising ways companies can become significant, plot-driving characters in the epic narratives of the human heroes they sell to. 

Popular with audience as diverse as sales leaders and procurement groups, marketing professionals and product designers, strategy executives and analytics teams, The Hero's Journey will reshape the way your organization imagines their customers, and the way you build for them, talk to them, listen to them, work for them--and keep them close.



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The average working professional man or woman consumes the information equivalent of 175 newspapers a day. There were more books published this month than were published in the entirety of 1999. Add up all the hours of programming created by the three largest television networks since 1964 until now, and it doesn't match what will be uploaded to YouTube in the next hour. 

This is the information age. Competing in this world -- winning in this world -- isn't about offering more information. It's about making sense of the information we have. That's where story comes in: the ultimate sense-making machine, narrative orders fragments of meaning, arranges disparate points of data, and offers a coherent learning experience. Get story right and you illuminate decision-making. You drive discovery and revelation. You transform data into knowledge -- and knowledge into wisdom. 

In his work across dozens of global companies—from CPG to pharma to finance to tech to real-estate to non-profit—Jason gives leaders a powerful set of fundamental storytelling tools to elevate their messaging and expand their impact. His story maps and structural models are being used by CEOs, sales teams, financial analysts, and customer service leaders around the world to present data in a frame that captures interest and drives business strategy. 

What sets apart the most influential and relevant individuals in an organization or a market? Their ability, in an age of information saturation, to become what their teams, companies and customers desperately require: a guide through the dark forest, a signal among the noise, a beacon in the fog.