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Justin Whitmel Earley lives in Richmond, VA with his wife Lauren and three sons Whit, Asher, and Colt (plus one on the way). He is a corporate lawyer at an international law firm as well as a writer and speaker.

Justin used to publish poetry and short fiction in Shanghai, China. Justin enjoys listening to baseball on the radio and is mildly obsessed with baking the perfect sourdough boule.

His book on the spirituality of counter-cultural habits for work and technology The Common Rule—Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction is coming out with InterVarsity Press in February of 2019. Read more at



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Why Habits Will Make or Break Our Work

The psychologist William James wrote that "Our life, insofar as it has any definite form, is but a mass of habits." Modern neurological research shows that over 40% of the actions we take everyday are not best described as choices—but habits. Habits that, because of our neurology, don’t really involve our conscious brain activity. Nonetheless they make up an enormous part of our lives and work.

Unsurprisingly, rapid changes in technology in the past 10 years have revolutionized the habits of a workplace—and not all for the better. Many of them perpetuate employee habits of distraction and anxiety that produce cultures of needless busyness, which eventually hurts employee wellness and the bottom line.

As a mergers and acquisitions attorney at an international law firm, Justin is no stranger to the culture of busyness and overwork. In fact, as he will tell you, his focus on habits of productivity and wellness were born out of his recovery from his own nervous breakdown from overwork.

Drawing on his own raw story of emotional collapse, as well as wide ranging insights from neurologists, novelists, and monastic gurus, Justin explains how our most ordinary life habits are shaping both our wellness and our productivity in extraordinary ways. But it won’t stop there. From daily routines of managing your smartphone to weekly rhythms of rest, Justin has some ideas that get specific and will leave your company energized and equipped to reform the habits of your own workplace.