Katie is incredibly passionate about helping people connect more deeply with their customers.

She's the Lead Consultant for Frontier Academy, which provides experiential training and development workshops for companies hoping to be challenged in order to grow. 

What most people consider full-throttle is a mere blip on her speedometer. Her contagious energy and unmatched drive fuel her work: she’s an invested partner, a dynamic facilitator and keynote speaker, and a mastermind when it comes to business development—she’s always on the hunt for our next great partnership. That’s because she operates from a place of continuous self-improvement, seeking new adventures that will challenge her worldview, pushing her to see the world through fresh perspectives. To Katie, the unknown is thrilling, because that’s where opportunity for growth flourishes, and growth is what keeps businesses nimble, innovative, and relevant.
So she’s made it her life’s work to lead clients through the unknown, expertly guiding them through the hard questions: How can employees grow professionally and personally? How can a company grow its profits by investing in its team and connecting with its customers? And how can she—and Frontier—become a partner on that journey toward transformation? 



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Influence. Everybody wants more of it. But only a few know how to find it and grow it. Katie Lackey wants you be among them. 

If you want to increase buy-in from stakeholders, decrease friction when trying to move company initiatives forward, and elevate the pace at which the most important work gets done, you'll need to discover your personal influence style. And Katie will help you do it. 

Rather than trying to mimic the influence tactics of others, Katie empowers audiences to uncover and activate the traits and characteristics they already possess. The result: transformed communications practices, dynamic collaboration, and the kind of courageous advocacy that remains true to one's values while staying alert to the attitudes and beliefs of others.

In this fresh, candid keynote, you'll be motivated to rethink the idea of influence, stretched to better understand how others are impacted by your message, and given the tools you need to hone your own authentic influence style.  



— Keynote —

Becoming a conscious communicator

Communication is one of the most important yet least mastered skills these days. We are all inundated by more and more information fighting for our attention, dependent on technology to get our messages across, and reachable practically around the clock, all of which can lead to feeling less able to make meaningful connections when we are face-to-face. It seems we are slowly losing the art of communicating. It is affecting our ability to efficiently get things done and, more importantly, deepen our relationships.

In this keynote, Katie will shed light on how all the noise in communication is interfering in our lives, how the lens we see the world through is creating difficulty understanding each other, and, most importantly, discuss how to read between the lines to understand what someone is truly saying (even if they don’t actually say it). You will walk away with a better sense of what you can do to reach your audience and how some of your habits and beliefs may be holding you back from a full understanding of the world. Insightful. Practical.



— Keynote —

Developing Your Personal Brand

Just like the greatest brands of our time—Apple, Coca-Cola, Amazon—each of us has a unique persona that captures who we are, what we value, and how we show up in the world. Our personal brands shape much of our reality. Its both how we perceive ourselves and how we are perceived by others. The dynamic between the two directly impacts how we connect with one another.

In this exploratory keynote, Katie asks: Who do you really want to be? It’s a question we ask ourselves a lot outside of work, but this keynote pushes audiences to consider who they are everywhere, especially in the workplace. Not only will you discover how to craft your authentic brand within already-established, non-negotiable constraints (like time, money, and position), you’ll learn how personal brands can become a catalyst for connection in the workplace.