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Kendall Morris is the Chief Strategy Officer and a Partner at Authentic, which she joined through the acquisition of Create Digital, an agency where she founded and held the position of CEO for seven years.

At Authentic, she is focused on defining and shaping the agency’s vision and core disciplines. Kendall has a deep understanding of content marketing, brand positioning, social media event management, cultivating personal brands, and the digital ecosystem. Her expertise has contributed to the development of global digital programs for National Geographic, Verizon FIOS, Capital One, Ralph Lauren, Performance Food Groups, Markel, and many more.

Kendall is passionate about entrepreneurship, and actively supports budding entrepreneurs. Her high-level leadership experience gives her a unique perspective on digital marketing strategy, making her an innovator in the industry.



— Keynote —

How to Run a Company Without Losing Your Mind

From stay-at-home mom to Shark Tank entrepreneur to CEO of a leading digital agency, Kendall Morris has come a long way. This dynamic keynote shares the lessons learned during a life on the front lines of the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.

Drawing on her first-hand knowledge, Kendall teaches you how to start a company from zero, then grow it into a successful enterprise. She focuses on avoiding old ways of thinking by finding fresh approaches to traditional problems, then shares a practical guide for moving those ideas through the phases of conception, testing, funding, and finally marketplace implementation.

From managing a growing enterprise to building a personal brand that accelerates your career, Kendall will teach you all the tools necessary to pursue your dreams and honor your talent in a way that leaves a lasting mark on the world.



— Keynote —

Disrupt Labels

Why do we use labels to define people—customers, business partners, even our own employees and coworkers—when all of them are so amazingly multi-dimensional? Diversity is an important goal, but we should strive to speak to diverse audiences and build diverse teams without defining individuals based on their diversity.

In this keynote, Kendall explores the way that the labels used today in media and marketing impact our lives—how the words we use to talk about diversity influence our opinions and actions around the topic. Labels can be empowering or limiting, and often both at the same time. They don’t tell the whole story, but we use them as a convenient shorthand to define ourselves and others. Why do we accept some labels, but reject others? How can we better consider and understand those choices in both our professional and personal lives?




The Power of Ownership

You are the CEO of your life—so act like it. Kendall uses lessons drawn from industry-changing entrepreneurs to explain how the best practices of the business world—accountability, prioritization, taking risks, overcoming failure—can help you take a powerful new form of ownership of your own daily lived experience.

Ownership is transformative. Kendall shows you how to harness and infuse that transformation in your work and your life. She provides practical strategies for inspiring your team, then empowering them with a newfound sense of purpose. No matter your industry or professional level, taking control of your own journey must be a deliberate and carefully considered process. Kendall will show you the way forward: ownership.