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Want to learn more about something? If you ask Kim, she'll tell you to start doing it.

Take more risks. Make more mistakes. That is how we learn.

Kim has been identifying and developing technical talent for the majority of her career. After spending 15 years in enterprise IT, she saw a growing opportunity in the industry and decided to leave her corporate comfort zone. With an ever-widening tech skills gap it became clear that it was time to act. In the fall of 2012, Kim founded MAXX Potential, a company that has been recognized by Fast Company and Southern Living Magazine as one of the "Innovations Changing the South." Serving as a much-needed bridge between education and industry, MAXX takes the heavy lifting out of expensive apprenticeship/internship programs by selectively identifying aspiring technologists with potential, and then providing expert mentoring and on-the-job training as candidates work on real projects for real customers.



— Keynote —

Level Up! Game-changing Strategies for Building a Learning Organization


Developing people takes time and care. Organizations that invest in their people have shown better employee retention. In this keynote, Kim will share lessons learned from "upskilling" seasoned professionals. Yes, you really can teach an old dog new tricks—even when that old dog is yourself. Attendees will learn how to sort through the plethora of online resources and practical advice for implementing a hands-on, experience-based learning approach that can be effectively implemented at any organization.