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Mark Smith is a community change agent who embraces the power of the possible to build bridges: bridges from hunger to hope with a backpack of food, bridges to fight cancer with tires, bridges that turn commodities into resources any community can use. Mark and his wife Patty do this through the Midas Auto Service franchises they own in Central Virginia. He has traveled all over North America sharing his story and helping others create theirs.



— Keynote —

Experiencing a Brand To Brand Experience

Every community out there has a favorite cheeseburger spot, the dry cleaner that owns 70% of the market, a coffee shop that has a long line out the door: a place that turns a commodity into an experience. What commodity do you offer, and what makes it a "Wow, I did not see that coming!" experience?

Mark shares what his teams have created in Richmond, Virginia and how they have grown the largest volume Midas Auto Service Center in the world with blood drives and hunger fighting campaigns. The ideas are a simple as they are effective: opting in, mapping the gap from where you are to where you are going, owning outcomes, failing forward. Participants will have the opportunity to think through their own stories and then make them a tangible action plans.