Trained mathematician, former front man of a punk rock band, Pentagon policymaker, and nonfiction author who performs his book live. There’s no fitting Matt into any sort of box. Equal parts left-brained strategist and creative troubadour, Matt is the lead consultant you call when you want to change the way you see the world. When you want to zoom in to understand the details and then back out to discover a new way to put the puzzle together. The common theme of his approach? An unbending commitment to finding essential simplicity in the sometimes overwhelmingly complex.

For Matt, that simplicity is not just a buzzword; it's a lifestyle. Fueled by a need to do, say, and be more with less, Matt drinks his coffee black, keeps his emails short, loves his music live, and tries to listen more than he talks. 



— Keynote —

Complexity Kills:
a new road to survival

History’s greatest minds—Whitman, Da Vinci, Thoreau, Newton, Hemingway—sought a life filled with the essential, free from the noise of complexity. A life lived true to the most authentic version of themselves. A life of simplicity.

It’s a life that doesn’t seem entirely compatible with modern work, where we send and receive more than 16,000 emails a year, spend a third of our time in meetings, and where most organizations have 35 times more processes, committees, and decision-making forums than the average did in 1950. Add in the impact of globalization, technology, and ever-changing laws and regulations, and it’s clear: we’re drowning in complexity.

Pulling on his eclectic experience as a mathematician, Pentagon policymaker, and consultant, Matt reveals that finding simplicity isn’t about removing or improving process, but creating purpose. It’s not about the how, but the why. He shares stories from companies that have tried—and failed—to reduce complexity, explaining how it can take a massive toll on employee engagement, efficiency, productivity, and the bottom line. He’ll then give you the tools you need to create simplicity for yourself, be it for your organization or your life, so you’re more than ready to take your first step on the path to greater purpose.