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Vida is an innovation advocate who is determined that innovation not leave humanity behind. She utilizes her experience as a data scientist to drive social and economic change in communities. A promising start as a tech writer spurred a nearly 20 year career with data, technology, and innovation, spanning several industries including energy, health care and education. In 2013, she co-founded a small social enterprise consulting firm, Axis Partners, Inc. where they serve mission-driven organizations in the areas of data architecture, process engineering and data sciences. Recently her endeavors as an adjunct professor at VCU’s da Vinci center has led her to be named as the school’s first ever "Innovator in Residence". She inspires people to think differently about technology innovation, to acknowledge data citizenry, and to engage in a global economy through local community impact.



— Keynote —

Mother Necessity

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention" is an old adage that we have forgotten in the recent evolution of the "Age of Innovation." On the road to rose-colored mobile phones and illuminated shoes, we forgot that the fundamental driving priniciple of innovation is need. Reclaiming the power of innovation to change the world is dependent upon us reframing the question from commercial profitability to solution orientation. The measures of success include the impact quotient as much as the always present revenue and margin driver requirements. Living in the Age of Innovation ultimately requires us to accept our role as citizens to shape and reshape our world - one home, one school, one business, and one municipal center at a time. 

This keynote allows Vida to explore with her audience avant-garde and cutting edge methodologies for systemic innovation in corporate settings, academic institutions, and, most excitingly, in communities via the citizen innovation movement - aka the "makers movement". She will explore what is happening when individuals within each of these settings "see a need, fill a need" and how it is altering the landscape of entrepreneurship, business, and the economy. Lastly, she will discuss how one operates with intentional engagement within this movement to solve our world’s toughest problems.




Data Citizenry / Virtual Citizenry

There is much being said regarding the security of one’s data and the manipulation of data to manipulate people and institutions. How does this work? How have we become vulnerable to such attacks? Data and data manipulation has changed the very fabric of our society, and we, the citizens, have not yet figured this out. It is not just "Big Brother watching"; it is now even Artificial Intelligence telling us what to buy, when to vote, and how to be, well, human.

In an approachable, slightly comedic way, Vida seeks to make people aware of what she and other big data practitioners are doing with data. Her hope is to empower citizens to understand the nature of sharing information, even when they believe they are off the grid. Her goal is to provide tangible insights into the more fair practices of crafting policies that protect real world citizens as they evolve into more real virtual citizens.