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Thousands have climbed Mount Everest, hundreds have
run across the country, but only Zoe Romano has run the
Tour de France—all 2,000 miles of it.

Experiences from sheer exhaustion to utter boredom, Zoë shares with your team the true definition of adversity, determination, and perseverance.

You need your team to take on new challenges, stay the course ahead, or rise from desperate lows. Zoë Romano, ultra-marathon runner, shares her story of overcoming hard conditions, injury, overwhelming loneliness, and exhaustion to accomplish the seemingly impossible. She inspires your team to take risks and overcome obstacles, driven by self-motivation and commitment to the goal in sight.

Zoë engages participants in every aspect of her achievement: the preparation, discipline, fundraising, partnerships, plus the obstacles and setbacks she faced. No matter what your trade, there are powerful lessons to be learned from Zoë’s adventure that will leave you and your team full of endorphins and and ready to take the first, or next, step in your own challenge.



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Accomplishing a goal doesn't happen overnight, but deciding to commit to one does.

When Zoë decided running across the country wasn't enough, she set out on a mission that was seemingly impossible, fulfilling her need to do more. She set a goal: ten weeks to complete the course, audaciously committing to run over a marathon a day with rest every eight days. With 7 months of preparation ahead, Zoë took the first step.

The challenge: 100,000 feet of elevation change, equal to three and a half Mt. Everest climbs, over 2,000 miles of running, continual exhaustion, and a course marred with dangerous weather, wild animals, and the unknown.

The physical challenge is obvious. But the real challenge was mental. Staying focused in the months leading up to the run, overcoming the urge to give up, battling lonely days of boredom on the road, Zoë learned what it means to be mentally disciplined and committed in order to achieve a goal.

Through stories of preparation to execution, Zoë shares lessons in mental endurance, focus, and robustness. Whether you have hit a small bump in the road, are facing a monumental project, or need the motivation to do more, you'll leave invigorated and determined to take the next step.